Dilly. Bistro, Bar & Bottle Shop.
Mon-Thurs 11a-9p; Fri-Sat 11a-10:30p; Sun 11a-9p


A "dilly" by definition is: "an excellent example of a particular type of person or thing." For example: "that's a dilly of a bistro, bar & bottle shop." I bet that is how Dilly. decided on it's name, because this place is exactly hometown excellence. (Actually, I did a little research, & it turns out the name Dilly was a happy accident. You can read about the transformation of Dilly Deli to Dilly Cafe to just Dilly HERE.)


Located in the heart of Mariemont (which, fun fact, is the United States' first planned community!), Dilly. is the perfect place to show off our city. There is a wine shop facing Wooster Pike (where you most likely do your passing through Mariemont) & a beer shop in back showcasing all Ohio's local favorites. 


The food at Dilly. is really eclectic & delicious. You can see the full menu HERE, but let me tell you about some really dilly dishes (wordplay!): Bacon Mac & Cheese (I don't even eat bacon, but what?!), the Mariemont Gobbler is a personal fave: cranberry chutney, turkey & a fresh baguette; but the salmon burger with sweet potatoes fries is my regular order :D


Though I usually am at Dilly. with my mom or my sisters, or catching up with great friends (Dilly. is an excellent place for all three!), I've also heard there is live music every weekend, wine tastings on Thursdays & $5 Bloody Mary's & Mimosas every Sunday. Basically, you can think of Dilly. as your really well-stocked friend's cool catered biergarten. Or something. It's a place to hang :) 


So the next time you're looking to dine at a real Cincinnati original, head to Mariemont's Dilly. Bistro, Bar & Bottle Shop. Free parking is in back (right behind Dilly.'s amazing outdoor patio & fireplace)(definitely going to spend some time out there once we kick this polar vortex!). I guarantee you'll love it. It's a real dilly.