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You're finally here! I have been dying to say this & finally I can: Welcome to Ida Street! It's a new space, with a new name, to celebrate a new stage & talk about the same things. I'm so glad you're here :D


Ida Street is a real place. I moved here just after my 24th birthday. Do you remember? In my tiny studio apartment I started learning a lot. Like what the tool box is for. & that I actually love photography. & that personal style is everything, but that sweatpants are a girl's best friend. It was on Ida Street that I started growing up.


It's okay! Magical Simplicity is here too! I stuffed it (& all my old posts) into this beautiful leather tote. So... let's continue our adventure.  Welcome, at last, to Ida Street. I think we will like it here :)


Photography: Mintwood Photo Co.