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Magical Simplicity Archives

Make new friends, but keep the old

Annie Heath

When I was in daisies, about fifteen years ago, we learned this song:

Make new friends
but keep the old, 
One is silver and the other gold.
A circle is round, 
it never ends, 
And that's how long,
We will be friends. 

In all honesty, this and the girl scout code are the only two things that I remember from Troop 13249 (and, since that is all I remember- you should know that I just made up that troop name). 

Now at age six, all your friends are new- so I thought of course! We will be friends forever! Yes, a circle never does end! But now- at age 21- you might say I have realized the truth. Friends, are the world. My friends come in all ages, all genders, all forms. I still have friends from that ripe old age of six. And I have friends from now, that I met today. And I have friends from every stage in between. 

Today, I happened to run into an old friend. When I was a freshman at Miami- I may have even called him my best friend. We gradually lost touch over time- but like all true friends- he comes back into my life when I need him. He was there to nurse my broken heart to health. He was there to celebrate the beginning of this blog- and he might have even been the first non-familial follower. 

Long story short, friends are friends are friends. Who wouldv'e thought that the song I sang as a lanky, toe-headed six year old would ring true a decade and a half later. So raise a glass! Smile on a memory, here is to happy things.