Wrapping your own bouquet


Dang, I love flowers. So much. But I'm also a girl who's been on a budget her entire life. So I think I've stepped into an actual florist maybe once --- to buy a boutineer  for my date to fall formal circa 2005. 

Here's a flashback :D 
(We were too shy to take photos together, so I obviously got one with my true love instead: spaghetti.)

But, you know what gets a bad rap? Grocery flowers. They're so accessible. You can literally ring them up in the self check out line. Plus, it's so fun to walk around with cute little flowers peeking over your cart while you finish your other shopping.  Today I'm going to share a trick to make those grocery store blooms feel fancy as fancy pants. 

 Ready?  I can show you in just 60 seconds. 
Click below.

Cool, right?! I've been practicing with hyperlapse the instagram app. I'm hoping to be able to incorporate more video into Ida Street for you all. The easiest way to start is with my cell phone, I figure. 

But photos are what we're used to around these parts! So I broke the process up again, into three easy wraps. See the photo-documentation below:

Wrap one: paper towel

Wrap two: Plastic Wrap


Wet a paper towel so your flowers have some drank... 
& then wrap it up... 
& tie. 


You're going to want to wrap the paper towel in plastic wrap so 1) the water stays in & 2) the water doesn't get onto things it shouldn't.

Wrap Three: Paper


Wrap the whole thing up (stems + blooms) into some kind of paper. I think newspaper would be adorable, but my student subscriber discount ended three years ago. So I used wrapping paper I had in the closet...

& That's literally it! Add a piece of tape to hold the paper together. Cover that up with a ribbon. & then surprise a friend or hostess with an adorable bouquet. 

The grocery store part will be our little secret.

Wishing you all the happiest Easter if you are celebrating. Send me pics of your bouquets.  I'd love to see. xo


Photog: Moi & Jacob Heath
Video: iPhone & Hyperlapse & iMovie
Song: No you girls/ Franz Ferdinand
Flowers: Teddy Gumbleton*

*ps. my beautiful flowers were NOT from the grocery store. Teddy ordered through a florist. But I did try this trick last weekend with a dozen Kroger roses & it was adorable. p.p.s I definitely saw  a post like this on another blog I follow & cannot for the life of me remember who :/ but credit where credit is due, anonymous floral blogger.