Styling a dress that is a littttttle too small


I have a problem. Sometimes I buy cute clothes that don't fit me. Take this daffodil dress:

Brand: Alice + Olivia
Size: 0
Annie's Size: NOT zero

I wasn't a zero when I bought it either. But there it was at TJ Maxx, just languishing in the final sale rack. I can't afford Alice + Olivia in real life. Not even close. & it was sooooo stinkin' cute. I tried it on. It was tight, I'll admit. But, hey, incentive to work out, right?


Wrong. I bought the dress 10 months ago & haven't worked out in about as long.  But now it's spring & high time to find a way I can wear this gorgeous daffodil dress. What to do when you're styling a dress that is a little too small?

Answer: you layer.

Too tight dress + sweater = pencil skirt & adorable shirt combo. 
I haven't done math as friendly as that that since  the jumpsuit/crop sweater post a few weeks ago ;D


Here, let me push my glasses up real fast because that was fashion-math nerdy of me. 

Really though, layering has saved a lot of cute clothes in my closet. & you don't only have to layer when your dress is too small. My friend CincinNatalie can tell you that.

In other news: I'm leaving for Denver tomorrow. From there I fly to North Dakota, to South Dakota, to Minneapolis. (You all can keep up with my travels if you'd like on instagram or twitter. I usually run into some pretty comical situations.)  Easter was really lovely & so was my Madewell Event! Yesterday, Cincy Chic published an article about Thread Cincinnati (remember that group of amazing fashion bloggers I've been talking about?). We have more plans for Thread coming up :D

I hope you are having a really awesome spring & going crazy with color in your wardrobes. Send me snapchats of your bright outfits (anneabutler) & I'll send you back some love. 



Dress/skirt: Alice + Olivia 2013 via TJ Maxx (similar via Alice + Olivia) (similar via Michael Kors) (similar via Talbots)
Sweater: Banana Republic 2014 (similar)
Sneaks: Jack Purcell
Photog: Jacob Heath