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Mimalist Style & Max Comfort: A Review of Grana

My style has changed a lot over the lifetime of this blog. Maybe it's something about getting older, or – like we talked about last week – wanting to live a more minimalist lifestyle, but these days I've been trying to invest in staples

Before I purchase any piece of clothing, I ask myself one question: will I still want to wear this in 5 years? If the answer is yes, I consider it a staple. If not, it's probably fast fashion, and not worth my hard earned cash.

Today, I wanted to investigate Grana, a clothing company with "timeless" at the core of design. As you'll see from the link I hyperlinked above, Grana searches for the best quality fabrics, in comfort and durability. But anyone can say that. Are the pieces really timeless? Comfortable? Durable? Cute? I checked it out.....


The silk cashmere boyfriend crew is my favorite Grana piece. Per the name, it's a mix of silk and cashmere, but let me just put that in terms that are easier to feel... HOLY SHIT THIS SHIRT IS SOFT. The length of the shirt is perfect for high waisted pants, and the loose fit doesn't hang on any food baby bellies. The sleeves are surprisingly tight, but not uncomfortable. I think the sleeves actually make this shirt super unique, adding a tiny bit of form to an otherwise modern box shape. 

Would I suggest it to you? Hell yes. You could sleep in it.  But don't. Wear it to work, instead. Like me. Shop for the outfit in the photos below.


Grana Sweater Dress

TBH, I was afraid of this dress. The midi length made me nervous and I wasn't sure what kind of shoes to wear with it...  Then I started asking other questions. Is it *too* loose? Do I look like a box? HERESY!

There is no such thing as too loose! Just check what super-cool-girl Kendall Chase says on that topic

Like the crew neck, this dress is one of the softest things I've ever put on my body. I'm not usually a dress-wearer, but when the weather is about to swing from 40 to 75 in a single day, I think this is the piece I'll grab for. 

In the saddest news of all time, Grana temporarily stopped making this dress. Maybe we can all write in and request it come back?


I wear this cardigan every single week. Actually, this outfit pretty much is my uniform for work. V-neck tee, comfy Grana cardigan, high waisted jeans, modern loafers. It makes mornings very easy when you have a go-to look to grab. 

What I love about the cardigan is the warmth. It's all wool, and all cool. Rhymes. It is my most practical Grana piece. Pick yourself up one in the photo links below.


Last but not least, we have the ribbed open cardigan. TBH, I don't wear it that much. Usually when I'm looking for a cardigan, it's so I can stay warm in a frigid office. But this one, well it's super duper thin. And, conservative? I don't know, but I feel like I need to be teaching the ABC's when I wear it. 

Don't get me wrong, this cardigan is soft as can be. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Just a wee bit girly for my taste. If you're only buying one cardigan, I'd steer you to the chunky rib knit merino in the photos from above. Still though, this cardigan is worth linking. Check out the whole outfit in the photos below.

So what's the consensus? HOW DID THEY DO IT?!?!? Did Grana capture the world's softest small animals, treat them to bonbons and ice cream, or you know, pet food, until they admitted the secret to creating a perfect, cuddly, soft? I have no idea. But in the search for comfort and modern minimalist style, Grana takes the cake.

Now, speaking of cake....... 

Photography: Jake Heath
Lips: Lipsense in Carmel Latte
Grana clothes provided c/o. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Honest Review: My Everlane Purchases

Shortly after moving to the West Coast I realized Everlane is e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e. Those who love it really love it and can spot each other a mile away. Yep. Didn't take long for me to jump on board.

For those who don't know, Everlane is an online-only retailer that is all about transparent, affordable, modern style. They show you exactly what your money is purchasing (i.e., $40 to material, $6 to hardware, $15 to labor, $7 to shipping – you get the idea). 

Over the course of the year I've been in SF, I've purchased a good deal of Everlane products, and today I'm going to give you the inside scoop: is the cult following just a trend, or is Everlane worth the hype? Let's find out. Listed from favorite purchase to least favorite, we have.....

The Culottes (now a pick-your-price product!)

These were my FIRST Everlane purchase, & I am absolutely in love. They are a perfect fit, super stylish, great material and overall excellent. Would I suggest you purchase? Yes. Go. Now. 

The Leather Street Shoe

My most recent purchase. These leather sneaker shoes are a definite style statement. Do I love them? Yes. Are they expensive? A little, but not when you compare to other leather shoes. Should you purchase up a half size? Probably. I bought a 8.5 (my normal size) and they're a littttttle too tight. I only get blisters when I wear them on long walks though. 

Cotton Drop Shoulder Tee

I have this t-shisrt in two colors, and I'm planning to buy the other two colors this summer. I literally LOVE this shirt. The sleeve to elbow is everything I've ever wanted & the material (cotton) is super soft. Obsessed. Should you buy it? Yes. 

Modern Zip Backpack in Large << Fun Fact, Malia Obama was just spotted by Vogue wearing this backpack in black. 

My most used purchase, this backpack literally accompanies me everyday of the week. I keep my computer, my coffee, my change of clothes, my medicine, my makeup, my water bottle, my notebooks, my books, my tide-to-go wipes.... I keep everything in this bag. I absolutely adore it. It's seen a little wear over the last nine months (see photos above), but would I suggest it to you? Yes. In a heartbeat. 

Slouchy Trouser in Black

The slouchy trouser was one of my first purchases. I loved the idea of it, but to be honest, the fit left something to be desired. I think it's probably the shape of my leg, but the calves were just way too tight on me, making the entire fit a little, off. I still wear these, a lot, and you might absolutely love them. They just aren't my faves. 

Top – No longer on Sale 

Everlane Drop Shoulder Blouse

This drop shoulder blouse is no longer on sale, and I thank Everlane for listening to it's customers on this account. I picked this top for the sleeves (sucker for elbow length), but the shirt was a little constricting overall, and worse, shows pit stains. I think I've worn this shirt about 4 times since I bought it a year ago. Would I suggest it to you? Probably not. But you can't buy it anyway. They took it off the site ;)

So what's my conclusion? Is Everlane worth the hype? HELL YESSSSSSSSS! Count me a fan & if anyone wanted to gift me the dipped weekender, I'd say yes, puh-lease. 


By the way, this post was not sponsored in any way by Everlane. I just really love the brand!


Spring Uniform: crop & high rise

HAPPY FRIDAY! Took us long enough, huh?!

Guys, we're in the middle of our event season & I am TIRED.  I know once we grow up we're supposed to start working a lot  & I'm for sure in the club. We're pulling long days and long nights at my day job. But I miss you!!!

Life updates: THREAD HH was a hit! Thank you all for coming! Thank you to Sundry & Vice for hosting -- your space is amazing & to Brown Bear for feeding us -- check out  this amazing spread she made!!!

Jack (my little brother) is graduating from college TOMORROW! Then he's off to Italy for a stint & then he's moving to DC to work full time & take on the world.

This outfit has been on my body pretty regularly. I know I've said it, but the high riser is a no brainer in my opinion. It is so comfortable to know everything that needs to be covered, is. But then you get to play a little flirty with the crop top! Oh man guys. I live in this outfit. 

My friend Natalie took these photos (right before she moved to Columbus! Ah!). Read her post on new beginnings here. I'll definitely miss her but am so excited for the new opportunities!

Lastly: If anyone has recommendations on beating the tired vibes I'm fighting -- I'm all ears. Love you!!! xoxoxox

Crop Top: Madewell 2015 (sold out) | via SHOPBOP
High risers: Madewell high riser
Booties: Franco Sarto via Nordstrom Rack 2014 | similar |
Photography: Natalie Folchi of CincinNatalie


Valentines casual

Ahhh Friday, the best day of the week. How I have missed thee!  Happy glorious day, friends! I'm coming at you this week with a casual Friday in a seriously red Valentine's twist.

Valentines Casual

Valentine's day is coming up (a week from tomorrow!). It's my favorite day of the year. Maybe it's because I'm on a love high all day. Maybe it's actually a sugar high. Maybe it's because I spend the entire day telling all the people I love how much I love them. Yes, actually. I think those are the reasons. I love Valentine's day.

Valentines Casual

There are a lot of activities going on in Cincy to help you celebrate (see this list from 365 Cincinnati if you need help deciding) (or, my personal suggestion, buy your tickets for Winter Beer Fest) & I wanted to jump in with an outfit suggestion for the "casual" date.

In the sea of black & gray that is my wardrobe, this sweater is one of the happiest things I own. By itself, this bright red is bold enough to pair with muted colors, which makes for an outfit equal levels of comfort & ease. & Valentine's approved, of course.

& p.s. you know what else is seriously red & great for Valentine's day? Our Rebecca Minkoff giveaway. Today is the last day to enter! We will announce the winner tomorrow on instagram. Good luck! I'll catch up with you there! xo

Valentines casual

Sweater: TWO by Vince Camuto via Nordstrom Rack (similar by TWO)
Jeans: Madewell (last year) (similar for this year
Boots: Diba via DSW (sold out) (similar... for $26!!!!!)
ToteMadewell Transport Tote
Photography: Jacob Heath



I'm playing hooky! Out of office! Do not call! Sleeping in & checking out!

Just kidding. I'm not. I'm posting this on my way to work. But..... I am running early (shocker!) so maybe I will at least grab a donut ;D


Last week I went totally fancy with you guys for a Friday dance party. It was fun! We all love sequins, but with this current weather, that sheer dress is a little unrealistic. So today I thought we could make it a Casual Friday & talk layers.

I love everything about the graphic tee trend. It's edgy & it's fun. It's witty & it's casual.  & since the temperature swings about 50 degrees a day in Cincinnati, we really need the layers.. & you better believe you'll catch me in all three of them today. My mind is shouting "Annie, it's Spring! Shake off the jacket!" while my body is shouting "Don't listen to her,  it's January!" Layers keep them both a happy :D

Anyway, what are you guys wearing these days? Are you keeping it casual? Going edgy? Did you move into your Uggs? This city sure is tricky to dress for.....  but we  love it. Have a happy Friday, friends!


Tee: Banana Republic (out of stock) (similar) &  (want it)
Vest: Patagonia Better Sweater Vest  <<< Personal note: I've had this vest 5 years & it's still the same style today. One of my best investments. 
Jacket: JCrew Outlet (last year) (similar)
Photography: Jacob Heath