I'm playing hooky! Out of office! Do not call! Sleeping in & checking out!

Just kidding. I'm not. I'm posting this on my way to work. But..... I am running early (shocker!) so maybe I will at least grab a donut ;D


Last week I went totally fancy with you guys for a Friday dance party. It was fun! We all love sequins, but with this current weather, that sheer dress is a little unrealistic. So today I thought we could make it a Casual Friday & talk layers.

I love everything about the graphic tee trend. It's edgy & it's fun. It's witty & it's casual.  & since the temperature swings about 50 degrees a day in Cincinnati, we really need the layers.. & you better believe you'll catch me in all three of them today. My mind is shouting "Annie, it's Spring! Shake off the jacket!" while my body is shouting "Don't listen to her,  it's January!" Layers keep them both a happy :D

Anyway, what are you guys wearing these days? Are you keeping it casual? Going edgy? Did you move into your Uggs? This city sure is tricky to dress for.....  but we  love it. Have a happy Friday, friends!


Tee: Banana Republic (out of stock) (similar) &  (want it)
Vest: Patagonia Better Sweater Vest  <<< Personal note: I've had this vest 5 years & it's still the same style today. One of my best investments. 
Jacket: JCrew Outlet (last year) (similar)
Photography: Jacob Heath