Before and After

Annie's Studio Kitchen: Before

Annies Studio Kitchen Before

Here it is, in all it's glory. The tiny kitchen in my SF studio. 

Things I love: The natural light. The fact I have a stove/oven AND a real room for the kitchen. Those were pretty much my only requirements while I was looking for an apartment. You'd be shocked, but a lot of the studios I was looking at had hot plates for a stove top and no oven in sight! No joke! It would've been microwave meals for a year... if I could even find room for a microwave 😉

 More than any additions in this room, I mostly decided to rearrange the furniture. Since I can't really make permanent changes, my plan was to open up the room as much as possible. The cool thing about this starter studio is that nothing was really attached to the wall (looking at you, tiny stove), so I could just scooch things around as I wanted. I took off the cupboard doors above the fridge right away and immediately added all my art from home above them to draw eyes up toward the ceiling. I clearly don't have a ton of storage, so I planned on using the wall space and hang whatever I could.

Anyway, my tiny kitchen is still a work in process, but my theory was to finish one of my rooms as fast as I could, so at least one part of my apartment would feel like "home."  I'll show you some pics soon! xox

Little Studio Kitchen
Tiny Kitchen