Mr. Holmes Bakehouse & other crushes

Okay. I live a quarter of a mile away from Mr. Holmes Bakehouse. A QUARTER OF A MILE. Mr. Holme's Bakehouse is the home of the cruffin and when my friend Natalie was visiting from Columbus, I just knew we had to try out this SF original. 

Cloaked in white tile, with a bright neon pink sign, this tiny walk-in bakery on the edge of the Tendernob is the bees knees. Here are a few articles you should read about it: one, twothree.

The shining glory of the place is the cruffin. A croissant + a muffin + a surprise filling which changes daily and happened to be pumpkin mousse the day we visited = the best thing that has ever come out of an oven. So here's the dl: Mr Holme's starts selling the cruffin at 9am, and they pretty much sell out within the hour. Natalie and I waited in line for about 25 minutes on a Friday morning and got some of the last ones. We also bought a box and filled it with other pastries. Mostly because the box was just ridiculously beautiful.

That's all I'll say, because I want you to go and see for yourself. You'll be able to tell when you're close because of the line on the sidewalk ;D

Mr Holmes Bakehouse

Anywayyyyy. Things I have been crushing on:

Photo: iPhone5s / Edits: Lightroom