This summer my love for hats reached a whole new level. I went from never wearing a fedora to owning four. I styled them herehere, herehere + here. We all found big floppy hats +  wore them here. I realized hats are not just stylish but also functional (seems obvious, I know, but this was a huge revelation for me). + best of all,  I learned "good hat day" means I have few extra glorious minutes in my bed every morning.  (Because otherwise I comb my hair every day.) (I really do!) (Well.. most mornings.) (Smirk emoji.)

Even though last week I brought the wool baseball cap back into my wardrobe, I'm not quite ready to put my summer hats away (partially because I don't know where to store them in The Studio...). So, sweet Magical Simplicity readers, let's transition! This amazing summer hat called to me from a boutique at The Market while I was visiting Colleen in NYC. The moment I was told about it's end-of-summer 40% sale - it was mine. It's bright pink + so obviously a sun hat. I suppose that makes it's natural habitat the sizzling summer months. But I think I can stretch it out :)

As the weather cools, the trick is to mute the rest of your outfit with basic colors: blacks, greys + whites. It will make room for this transitional pop of color. Plus, don't you think it's rude to distract from something so beautiful, anyway? If you've been obsessing over hats this summer  (like me!) (I mean, really though, can we talk about how much less makeup you need when hats are the ootd?!) --  I'd love to hear how you plan to transition yours into the fall. Suggestions + comments always welcome. + as always, thanks for reading :)

Hat: The Market in NYC
Pants:  Madewell Skinny skinny ankle coated motorcycle jeans
Shoes:  Frye Laney Lace Up
PhotographyJackie Butler