Photog: Courtney Boeckman
Shirt: Crop Top from Abound via Nordstrom Rack 
Pants: Cartonniev via Gabriel Brothers (old);
Shoes: Leopard Skimmer via Madewell
Earrings: Curate Boutique

You asked for it! Well, only one of you did (love you so much, Leis!)... still waiting to hear from the rest of you. But,  writing my first style post was so fun that I decided to answer for you. Here comes Magical Simplicity's Style Post Volume 2: The Crop Top

Crop tops have been sneaking into our wardrobes for years & now it's pretty much everywhere! In fact, the last time I was at Neons, there was midriff at every turn. (Including a turn around the mirror in the (omg when did Neons make both bathrooms downstairs women's?!?!) bathroom).

I love the crop top. For one, there is literally less material to it. That is oh so nice in these warm months. Also, I think it's cool that this trend is coming back from the 70s. It really is a testament to my theory that all fashion is cyclical. But lastly & most importantly, it's about time we own our bodies! To me the crop top says: Well heck yes! I am confident & happy & love my curves! (But in a humble way, because you're not actually speaking it... Right?)

Anywho, I'm not quite cool enough for the full crop, but I sure do like to rock a long crop from time to time! & because I'm Annie, I've incorporated bows where I can (the pants. They've been a pair of my faves for years.  Partially for the ruffles but mostly for the bow).

Trying to decide if I would be able to make it up there... I was :D

One of my best gals & I took a little walk through our neighborhood  this week in a quick & rare respite from the rain. I know I've talked about it before, but the murals in Cincinnati are just the coolest. & isn't Courtney a great photog!? I love her angles & shots & I gotta say the fact that she's seen me at my truest (we send triple chin snaps to each other throughout the work day) made this shoot so fun & natural. Felt like we were just out for a stroll :D

Oh & p.s. in case you're wondering: my arm. I want to lie and tell you I injured it doing something really cool (skydiving? scuba diving? hang gliding? even a cartwheel..). But nope. Poison ivy. Probably got it while exploring Cincy for the blog. So, I guess it was something cool, after all.  :D

Well, this is my last post as a twenty-three-year-old, lovers! I'll catch ya in my mid twenties! Hope you have the best weekend.