rookie mist/C/ake.


- we have a small kitchen, so when i began the final practice cake for benjamin's big day (still hope hes not reading these posts! a white chocolate raspberry birthday perfect cheesecake) i had to utilize the entire area.

- now ive heard cheesecakes are difficult to bake.. thats why i had to practice.

- we do not have the proper baking utensils.. thus i improvised using the cereal bowl and metal cooling rack pictured above to melt white chocolate chips over simmering water.


the story:

The good news is, the smoke alarms at 111 east walnut work fantastically. the culprit is pictured above- the pot of simmering water on the back left burner RAN OUT OF WATER! as soon as i smelled burning, the alarm above the kitchen table (pictured to the right) went balistic. then the alarm in my room went CrAzY. then the alarm in tierneys room began the loudest beep of all. i panicked. I fanned, i flapped, i opened windows, to no avail! i tore the alarm off the ceiling .. but it just kept beeping in my hands! i ran into my bedroom and threw it under my bed covers. i slammed shut my bedroom door and FINALLY, four minutes later, all three alarms went quiet.

the results:

are thus.. a smoke filled apartment, a smoke alarm under my covers, an empty bottle of febreeze, and this... raspberry white chocolate cheesecake (that i cannot get off the cake pan) time to enjoy my pretty delicious rookie mist-cake.