practice cakes..

tis benjamin's birthday next week (hopefully he does not read this post!) and i have been trying to find the perfect cake to bake him. my first inkling already has its own post- the raspberry chocolate deliciousness ... it was good. my favorite definitely. there was chocolate upon chocolate upon chocolate. however, some people ( person) thought it tasted more like a dessert without a family. so it was nixed from the list.

thus today i made the second practice cake: white chocolate raspberry. the cake itself is infused with white chocolate and layered with homemade white chocolate cream cheese icing. 12 oz of white chocolate went into the cake.. unfortunately im not the biggest fan of white chocolate.


nevertheless, it is beautiful indeed.

anyway, the search for a birthday- perfect cake is still underway.. suggestions should be sent today!

and neighbors... tierney and i cannot eat this cake alone. stop by for a bite and conversation!