DIY: Hanging Side Table

Easy DIY hanging Shelf

Hi my name is Annie and I hang things from the walls. 
Hiiii, Annie. 

This is how my imaginary addiction class scene goes when I play it in my head, because guys I am addicted to hanging things. It's an age old rule that in a small space you need to make use of vertical height. But in all my small spaces, I've never been quite so into it as I am now.

Anyway, this DIY hanging side table is the simplest project I've ever shared.

Find yourself a piece of wood scrap. Got it? Good. Now use a power  drill and bit to drill a hole in all four corners. Cut four very long pieces of rope and feed one end through each hole of your board. Tie a knot on the ends to keep the board in place.  Using a  level, gather the other ends of your rope and tie them to a cup hook in your wall. Done.

Confession: I decided to do this one night after my sister and I did a nice number on a bottle of wine. Yea. I did this entire thing in about 10 minutes, while I was tipsy. That's how easy it is. 

Wood Scrap: Had
Rope: Had
One Cup Hook: Had
Total: Free! 
Or if you're starting from scratch, about $10

Easy diy hanging shelf
Easy diy Hanging Shelf
DIY hanging shelf