Birthday bash.

This is the week! Magical Simplicity is turning one year old on Sunday. Oh the joys that a year can bring!

My dearest birthday wish is to share the magic with as many fans as possible. Magical Simplicity lives on smiles and celebrates life's real and simple magic. I mean, as a dedicated dreamer, I am a little biased- but why not be a part of that!? So, if you haven't:
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I love you all to pieces, and I am dreaming of something magical for Sunday, so stay tuned. Happy Monday!  xoxo Annie

Luck of the Irish

I am an Irish girl- through and through. For my entire life I have believed in leprechauns and pots of gold at the end of the rainbow. Our household leprechaun is a tricky little devil. Every St. Patrick's day he darts around the house turning our milk green. It's magical. I wish you all the best St. Patrick's day tomorrow- its a holiday for the fair/quickly sunburned, curly haired, dancing Irish all around. Let the celebrations begin!

Masked Mardi Gras

As the sun rises on this 21st day of February, we have quite the reason to celebrate.
TODAY is Mardi Gras. A day of excess and cheer. We get a free pass on food, there are drinks all around, diets go out the window, and a mask hides our true identity. At least that's what I hear (:
My celebration consists of cupcakes for breakfast and cookies every hour. (I'm taking that free pass on food very seriously.) There are no drinks on a school night; and my only mask is what you see here. But even in Oxford- Mardi Gras is an utterly magical day. Let the celebrations begin!