--- adjective
Beautiful or delightful in such a way as to seem removed from everyday life.
[This is no ordinary sunset, it is magical]

---- noun
Freedom from complexity.
[Her cotton dress was pure in it's simplicity]

--- state of mind
A state of noting all the simple things for their beauty + delight.
[My dream is to practice magical simplicity so acutely, that it becomes my natural state]


Well, what can I tell you about myself? My name is Annie! (exclamation point optional, but encouraged). But you already knew that.
I started this blog in 2011. I was twenty years old & my professor said it was a good idea. So I went home & thought about what made me happy & Magical Simplicity was born. A lot has changed since that first post. Namely that I use uppercase letters & write fewer poems. I mean really? Who did I think I was? Answer: e.e. cummings. (Like I said, a lot has changed.) Anyway, forgive me because I have edited a few of those first posts to make me cringe just a little less.

In 2012 I started being a real adult & in 2013 I dropped off the face of the world. My favorite year is 2014. That's when I returned. Inspired by one of my best friends, Magical Simplicity was rebranded into what it was always meant to be: a blog about life. On it's 3rd birthday, we celebrated.  I'm a little older now, not much wiser. I still would like to call you darling.

& that's Magical Simplicity! I'm growing up here. & I'm trying to capture the magic in my life while it happens. The magic, I've found, that masquerades every day as simple moments.  I'm hoping to not let them pass me unnoticed. & I'm hoping I can inspire you to do the same.

So cheers to you & cheers to me & cheers to this magic little fairy tale we were each blessed to write. Title: Life. Stay in pursuit of magic.

Once upon a time: a year later

This Thanksgiving Weekend there is so much to be thankful for, but today I would like to focus on one item on my list.

You may remember about a year ago, as a senior in college with many reasons to avoid growing up, I traded my crayons and coloring books for a sharpie in my day planner. Thanksgiving weekend, 2011 I told you all I was going to write and illustrate a fairy tale.

So here is my one year check-in. The fairy tale lives on.  Actually, it has its own blog. I would love to share the adventure with you. 

The written word.

I inhale books. My bookshelves are home to several genres: magical fairytales, autobiographies, plays, and classics, every Jane Austen, a couple Hemingways, of course the Potter Heptalogy & as of yesterday the Hunger Games trilogy.

I love books because they transport you into a new world. A world that is guided by a set of unknowns: unfamiliar laws, incredible rules, new love, and heartbreaking loss. You know the characters more than you may even know your best friends. You hear their every thought. See their every move. In most of my favorite books, there are mystical creatures lurking around every page corner. You paint an entire world, a new landscape, a whole LIFE within your mind that is inhabited by these characters. And they live there, forever. Never to leave the confines of their hardbacked cover.

I love books. But with four years of ridiculous studying, too much coffee and lots of textbook chapters clouding my eyes- I let that love go unnourished. And I had forgotten. Until yesterday afternoon, while laying in the sun I picked up my first post-grad book. It was closed by dinner.

And a piece of my identity had been rediscovered.

The written word: my magical simplicity.

Compilation: a character sketchbook

A magical journey
The Sketchbook Project: Limited Edition
A character sketchbook

Character sketch two: Rachel McAdams

Character sketch three: Gemma Ward

Character sketch four: Emma Watson

Character sketch six: A Little Sister

Character sketch seven: Max.

Character sketch eight: Gerard Butler

Character sketch nine: My love.

Character sketch ten: Thomas

Character sketch eleven: Papa.

Character sketch twelve: Miles.

Character sketch thirteen: Betsy (from Peru)

Character sketch fourteen: A little brother

Character sketch fifteen: Genevieve

Character sketch sixteen: Revisiting Rachel

Character sketch one: Adventure of an amateur.  

Mission Statement

I believe that the world is filled with magic- whether we see it or not. It's the simple things: a rainbow around the corner, a smile on a stranger, a cupcake out of the oven. My purpose is to capture those moments, and bring a smile to your face.

And I believe in a world with love. Where people love themselves and love each other and celebrate that every day. My purpose is to give a space where that love can be immortalized. 

So come, join a world thats runs on love and is empowered by smiles. Join a world of magical simplicity. 

A Magical Simplicity

This year has been the most spectacular adventure. We have created a community, my loves. A community that runs on smiles and rejoices in love.

There are still a few days to go til a big birthday bash. I cannot wait to share the magic with you. In the meantime- share a little with your friends. Love as always, and thank you for sharing in life's magical simplicity. 

Birthday bash.

This is the week! Magical Simplicity is turning one year old on Sunday. Oh the joys that a year can bring!

My dearest birthday wish is to share the magic with as many fans as possible. Magical Simplicity lives on smiles and celebrates life's real and simple magic. I mean, as a dedicated dreamer, I am a little biased- but why not be a part of that!? So, if you haven't:
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I love you all to pieces, and I am dreaming of something magical for Sunday, so stay tuned. Happy Monday!  xoxo Annie