Mission Statement

I believe that the world is filled with magic- whether we see it or not. It's the simple things: a rainbow around the corner, a smile on a stranger, a cupcake out of the oven. My purpose is to capture those moments, and bring a smile to your face.

And I believe in a world with love. Where people love themselves and love each other and celebrate that every day. My purpose is to give a space where that love can be immortalized. 

So come, join a world thats runs on love and is empowered by smiles. Join a world of magical simplicity. 

The Sketchbook Project

For Christmas, my mother and father gave me a lovely gift. The gift of encouragement. This particular form of encouragement came in the form of a project.

The Sketchbook Project- Limited Edition, is a project sponsored by Art House Co-op. Anyone who was of the mind to sign up could chose a theme and apply for a sketchbook. Then Art House Co-op sent a blank one back to you. We were instructed to fill it up and send it back by April 30th. My sketchbook, and every other sketchbook, will be on display at the Brooklyn Art Museum beginning July of 2012. At least one entry from each will be published in a hardcover book.

It is an inspiring idea, and about time that I spoke of it on Magical Simplicity. Sketching has turned out to be a favorite pastime of mine. Truly magical to create something from a blank page.

Anyway my theme is "character sketchbook." If you're interested in sharing my journey- I shall be posting some of them here.


snow white > evil witch
repunzel > evil witch
sleeping beauty > evil witch
adeline > shadow witch
peter pan > captain hook
harry potter > voldemort

i realized something today. all the books i read, all the stories i tell, all of the fairy tales i dream about, they follow a basic formula. in the beginning- life is grand. then- life gets hard. next- a bad guy enters the picture. a little magic helps the good guy defeat the bad guy. and in the end- they all live happily ever after.

and, i think, thats how it must be in life. because the bad guys dont come out on top. the good guys do. after a lot of trial, some error, and a little magic. they always do. and that is something magical to have learned.

make a wish, necklace.

three hundred and sixty five days ago, i was experiencing my first heartbreak. and on that day i put on this necklace.

as you know, i am all about wishes. i wish on 11:11, i wish on shooting stars, i wish when i catch a falling leaf, and i wished on this. the concept was to make my wish when i put it on, and when the thin thread from the necklace wore off, my wish would come true.
well one year to the day later, my necklace is still on. i have not gone a single moment without it.

life really is a journey, and every time i remember to check if my necklace is still on, i remember that.

and counting.

how odd a feeling, as i drove the rainy route down 27 this evening it dawned on me- i will not be gracing this road much longer. yes, there is the literal "not much longer" since my ride to oxford was drawing a close, but more importantly in my eyes is the metaphorical "not much longer." three weeks until christmas, five months until i graduate? im not quite sure what to feel.
this place has offered me friends for a lifetime, an education to match, and most incredibly- growth. i arrived as a child, but im leaving as a young lady (who likes to color and dreams of being a disney princess, i admit). a little bit of thought for an oh so familiar drive.

t(amino)eddy on the town.

tamino, of cincinnati opera's the magic flute, has been traveling around town this week on his way to premeire at music hall.

what a joy it has been for me to travel with my very grand friend teddy and take photos for our facebook campaign.

it really put a new spin on this classic tale for me. take a look at our facebook page to watch t(amino)eddy make his trip.

i hope to see you at music hall for our last performance of the season.