amor. liebe. amore. gra. ljubav. cariad. dragoste. pag-ibig. l'amour.
it is said in so many ways. but its meaning is always the same. at first its when your heart beats so fast that your face turns red. its the butterflies that float around your stomach. its the smile that you cant hide. its the sparkle in your eyes. but even better is the silent ease that you feel with them. the confidence that you feel in their caring for you. the "i would do anything to make you happy." it can sneak up and suprise us. it envelops us in total. it can be for a person. for a thing. for a passion. love. its such a lot of meaning to put in such a small word. four letters- but so much more. i am lucky to have so much of it everyday. but especially this normal wednesday noon.