For the Love of the Transport Tote

Sure, I've always loved my Madewell Transport Tote.  I had it saved in my digital cart for months before I unwrapped the beautiful bag on Christmas morning (you're the best, mom & dad!)  & squealed like a little girl. Originally, I thought the bag would be my "look professional while you're traveling" tote. You know? So I didn't have to bring my backpack with me to business meetings.

Here's the pleasant surprise: this bag was made to grow with me. Like, for example, at this exact moment: I have no need to look professional while traveling. I'm in California. Things are super casual. 

There's a bag tax here, though. Did you know? Not big, just 10 cents. But if the goal is to make me think twice about using bags: successful. That's how I suddenly became acutely aware of how amazing this tote is. It literally can carry. it. all.

Example? Sure! My first week in SF:

  • Day two: Clipper card, lipstick. Chips, beer. Candle, measuring cups. Water Bottle. Thermos.
  • Day three: lavender. 
  • Day four: tomatoes, mozzarella block, mint, limes, arugula, bottle of wine.
  • Day five: Computer, notepad, sunglasses = trip to the library. 
  • Day six: Clothes. I found Crossroads Trading Co...

You get the idea. I feel like Hermione Granger cast an undetectable extension charm on this thing! Clearly, I've really come to appreciate my carry all tote lately. Do you guys have any bags like this? Staples that have stood the test of time? Pieces that have transferred into new positions as you needed it? I'd love to hear your stories :D

p.s. Transport Tote look familiar? That's because you've seen it here before :) Photos are links to original blog posts.

Header Photo: Nikond3200 / Edits: VSCO filter for Lightroom