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Trending: Matching Set Party Dress

Well, it's wedding season, that's for sure! One trend I've been wanting to explore is the matching set party dress. I think they're so cute, so fun, and so perfect for rehearsal dinners, receptions, bridal showers, etc. Today I'm sharing four matching set dress options I've found across the web. Let's dive in. 

This JCrew option is sold separately as skirt and crop top for a total of $206. Kinda pricey, but very classy. 

This Nordstrom option is pretty in blush/white with a gold zipper on the back. Ringing in at $218 it's a little pricey, but about on par with my first.

This sexy little ShopBop number slits high in the front and shows a little more skin than my other links. Ringing in at the most expensive yet, a whopping $345! Funny how less cloth = more $$$.

Rounding out the list with my favorite one, a mini version from ShopBop. This matching set rings  in at $325.


So, in the end what did I discover? 1) These dresses are flirtatious and show just the appropriate amount of skin for a formal occasion. 2) Matching sets are hella expensive and I cannot afford them. Let me know if anyone out there finds a cheaper version!