Oreo Banana Ice Cream

My Grammie is a very wise woman. She encourages we eat a small dessert every night after dinner… & sometimes after lunch. Many years ago, after one such lunch in my grandparent's kitchen on Lake Keowee, my Grammie introduced me to the wonderful world of frozen bananas. Not the kind you get at Bluth's Original Frozen Banana Stand, but a kind that incredibly resembled ice cream. 

It's simple, really:
Peel, cut & freeze a banana.
Blend it in the mixer. 
Magically it will take on the consistency of ice cream. 

Nowadays I see banana "ice cream" all across the internet.  Emma made it on A Beautiful Mess & then a few days later I subscribed to Buzz Feed's youtube channel & found it here (completely obsessed with these helpful & hilarious ninety second tutorials).

Apparently there are a LOT of different ways to make Banana Ice Cream, & in honor of my Grammie, & my favorite month-long holiday of the year, I figured we should get blendin on Ida Street. 

So you need: frozen banana slices & mixins. 

First: blend it. I wish I had a blender, but I don't. I used a mini food processor. It took a lot longer, but still worked. You're going to be really confused by the consistency. It looks like nothing, nothing, nothing... & then suddenly: icecream. Magic.

After you have the right consistency, add in your mixins. Yea. I went with oreos. & it was absolutely amazing. It probably also took away any of the "healthy" aspect you get by blending bananas and calling it ice cream, but, com'on...

Of course, my Grammie did not add oreos to our banana ice cream. We always ate it plain, which is wonderfully delicious. Cocoa powder is my other consistent fave. You have endless options, really :D

After you've blended in the mixins, freeze the whole thing. I waited two hours, but overnight is likely best. That would be agony though, so....  

Whenever you decide it is frozen solid enough: scoop & serve. 
I'll tell my Grammie you said thanks :D

Photos: Annie and Jackie Butler / Nikon D3200/ Edited with VSCO Filters for Ligthroom