No-Stitch Skirt Repair

You have an amazing skirt. You wear it out on the town 4 or 5 times. Then, you pull it out of your closet and the thing is TORN. This was the fate of my fave off white skirt from these posts (throwback!) when I pulled it off my skirt rack a few days ago. I was devastated. But I wore it anyway with a long black shirt so you couldn't tell 😉

But I want to keep this skirt in rotation, so I decided to try my hand at mending it with stitch witchery.

how to repair a broken skirt without sewing

Long story short, it worked. I took some of the extra stitch witchery I had from lengthening my curtains, placed it between the torn layer and the built in slip beneath, dampened a cloth and patted with the steam setting on my travel iron. 

no sew skirt repair

I mean, I wouldn't say it's "good as new," but I totally will wear it this way without fear of increasing the tear and/or getting called out. 

Of course, this method only works on clothes that are made of two layers. But if you find yourself owning a skirt, shirt, etc that fits the bill, I'd definitely encourage you non-sewers to try it out!

no sew skirt repair
no stitch skirt repair
no sew skirt repair

Photos: Nikond3200 kit and 35 mm lenses / Edits: Adobe Lightroom