The Non-Rx Blemish Cure Of Your Dreams

I'm Irish, German and French Canadian. Somehow, that combination of ancestry has led me to one certain thing: blemishes. 

Over the years I've tried plenty of remedies: toothpaste, acne medicine, acne face wash, strident pads, etc. But two years ago my friend pulled a tube of Philosphy's Clear Days Ahead out of her purse while we sat at the Baltimore Airport. 

It literally changed my life.

This product trumps them all. As soon as I feel a zit coming along, I apply a small layer of this gel-like concoction and voila! Within about two days my blemishes are dried up. 

You can buy it at Sephora or on Amazon. It costs $20, but one small tube will last you several months. Hope it helps. xox


By the way, this post was not sponsored by Philosophy. I just feel really strongly about this product!

Photo: Nikon D3200 35mm