Recap: Madewell + Ida Street


Oh guys, you are so fabulous. Remember a few weeks ago when I was prepping for my Madewell Event? I saw so many of you at Kenwood Mall! Styling & rocking & cheersing galore. Thank you SO much for stopping by to hang.  I scored big with you guys :D

& I also scored big on the sale! Just wanted to jump online today to give you guys a few updates. First & foremost: the clothes I came back with after my Madewell/Ida Street event. Note: have been wearing on rotation for the last few weeks:

Sensing a trend? I'm a big fan of the high riser & crop these days... but more on that later.

Next up: I'm heading to Indianapolis Thursday & Friday for work. Then, Saturday, we're driving to Hillsdale to watch my brother graduate! Gosh I still remember moving him in 4 years ago. 

Lastly: While I'm away, THREAD is hosting some pretty delightful shenanigans. We've been planning a happy hour launch for you at the brand new Sundry & Vice in OTR.  Get the info here. I hope you can make it & I'm really bummed I won't be able to see you there. & that's about it! Hope you have the best week. Xoxo.