One thing I've recently realized is that Roaring Twenties Attire & Holiday Attire are impressively similar. Sparkles! Make up! Fur! More sparkles! It made it very easy for me when it came time to find a Roaring Twenties outfit for the Cincinnati Opera's 95 Anniversary Gala Ball. (At which I was a volunteer.) (& at which there was a candy bar.) (For which I bought $400 of candy....... um yes.)

Anyway, here is a rundown of the Holiday staples you already have that will make for a great Flapper outfit.

1. Your very average pencil skirt. If you don't have one in your closet, chances are you need one. Here's a good one from H&M. This is the perfect fit & style for flappers who did  show off their legs, but did not show off too much.

2. The sparkle shirt. You really must have this! They were all the rage about two years ago -- & are coming back in force this Holiday season! Don't have one? Mine is very similar to THIS. Plus, isn't the very first thing you think of when someone says "Roaring Twenties" sparkle???

3. The shiny shoe. Surely you've picked up something like THIS during a Christmas past! This is actually not accurately flapper attire - but it matches our Great Gatsby inspired re-invention.

4. The crowning piece of your Roaring Twenties outfit: the sparkle headband. Again, think of Christmas past .. didn't you pick one of THESE up back then? No? Head over to Forever 21 now! For Flapper life, you'll want to wear this across your forehead rather than in your hair. (It's totally way more fun!)

5. & the Faux Fur Vest. Umm YES. Nothing screams warmth & comfort more than THIS. & in my research I found many a Gatsby pic in fur :)

I can't even remember  how many times that night I told my fellow volunteers (& new friends!) that I wanted to wear "Gatsby clothes" for the rest of my life. It's the perfect style - stylish but not too revealing. Flirty, but not showing too much skin. Basically, it's just fantastic. & best deal? Every piece of this ensemble is multi-outfit worthy!

^^^^^^^^^ Sorry for my pixels, but here's an insta-selfie.

^^^ Me & my volunteer friends. We all used to intern for the Opera. We are also all amazing. Also: that back drop.

Other tips for being a flapper (that also can be used as great advice for Holiday parties):
- Cat Eyes
- Lots of jewelry; preferably pearls
- A pretend bob to your hair (easy to do!)
- Excellent dance moves