So here's the thing, gang. The sun! It's under the horizon when we leave for work & it's way gone by the time we get home. What's a girl to do to show off her new rag & bone camo leather sleeved jacket?!  I. Don't. Know! But a few weeks ago CincinNatalie suggested I buy a tripod. While her first tripod post looked adorable (see here!).... 

Mine.... turned out.... like this:

Spot on! Right? ;D

I guess I have some practicing to do! Like learn how to smile when taking photos alone? Well, anywho. I have a new rag & bone leather sleeved jacket & it's amazing. The sleeves feel like honey & I've been dying to find the perfect camo jacket for more than a year. Combo camo for the win!!! 

Jacket: rag & bone via TjMaxx [similar]
Pants: Madewell Skinny skinny ankle coated motorcycle jeans
Shoes: Madewell Calf Hair Leopard Skimmer
Shirt: Banana Republic [similar]
Photography: Tripod, yo.