I have exciting news! Over the weekend my sister agreed to help me with a couple of food posts for Magical Simplicity. We're calling it Cooking with Katie. This is Katie :)

I'm not a natural cook (in fact, my only claim to fame is the oatmeal chocolate chip cookie -- top secret recipe coming to Magical Simplicity ToMoRrOW!) (EDIT: here it is!). But, I am a great learner. + my sister, well she's the best chef I know. So I'm here today to tell you that I can't wait for the jump into a new feature for you guys. Together we can learn how to cook!

Now I'm going to take one second to gush about my sister(s). If you have sisters, you know. Sisterhood is a bond unlike any other. Fight all day (sisters are notorious for stealing clothes) but when it gets down to it.. who is always at your side?

I have three sisters (+ one awesome brother). You may remember when I last declared my love for them HERE. We are all absolutely, positively opposite of one another. (For example, Katie can cook. My speciality is eating.) But I also don't know of any four people who are a better compliment to my personality. (Same example applies.)

So, if you have a sister (or a brother), first tell me how awesome she is in the comments below. + then shoot her a text. Tell her you love her. &  maybe convince her to pose for some jumping photos. It's way harder than it looks :)

Can't wait to introduce you to Magical Simplicity's food series this week! Come back + see us!

Wearing: [Annie]
Shirt: Stripe Sleeve T via JCrew 
Pants:  City Crepe - Soft Pant via New York + Co. 
Shoes: Gladiators via DSW. 

Skirt: Bobeau Maxi via Nordstrom 
Shirt: Basic Tee via JCrew 
PhotographyJackie Butler.