We had our first Book Club Meeting in real life! That's what I love about blogging. It brings people together, sometimes even in person. Our selection was #GIRLBOSS & I am obsessed. Sophia Amoruso is the CEO of Nasty Gal + the author of #GIRLBOSS. In the course of seven years she built her multi million dollar company from the ground up with zero loans + zero debt.


I read #GIRLBOSS in three plane rides. She's so young + her voice is so strong that I literally thought of her as a friend. I felt like she was speaking straight through the text + specifically to me. That takes a talented author. #GIRLBOSS is her story + advice. 

I hosted our first Meeting + thus came up with three light discussion questions:

1.) What were your favorite quotes? 
Most of my favorite quotes came from the chapter just below: on magic. "There's also the everyday kind of magic that we make ourselves. & that's really not magic at all. It's just recognizing the fact that we control our thoughts & our thoughts control our lives." Guys. I read this chapter on the plane back from New York & literally was jumping in my seat. This is Magical Simplicity. It's appreciating your life as it happens. I've read this chapter three times.  What about you? Did you have a favorite?

2.) How did you feel about Sophia? What is something from her story that you could relate to? 
I loved Sophia. She says in the course of the book that there is something like an 800 million to 1 chance that you are who you are. So you should own that individuality. She really lives by that. She never apologizes. She didn't hide. She didn't lie. My favorite bloggers + authors are the ones that expose themselves + let you see how normal they are. It is really cool.

Something that we discussed at Book Club was that at times, Sophia contradicts herself. Like she'd say: be frugal -- but then she will buy a nice pair of shoes. Be aggressive for what you want + accept nothing less -- but be the one that packs the boxes + do it without complaining. I truthfully didn't even realize she flipped flopped while I was reading (probably because I think this way in my own mind) but she for sure did. 

What did you think? Did you like Sophia overall?

3.) Is there any lesson you learned from #GIRLBOSS that you have already or will enact into your own life?
 I did. Comparing yourself. You are going to ruin yourself if you don't stop comparing yourself. It's not worth it! You have no effect on your competition, so "might as well wish them well + move on with it." Be your own idol. As my friend Teeny mentioned, another favorite lesson is: Before you complain about what you don't have, think for a second. Have you ever just asked for it? Again! So True! You'd be amazed what you'll get just by asking.

Overall, I LOVED #GIRLBOSS. It was a refreshing read that really made me think a lot about my goals, dreams, + aspirations. What I loved even more was reading it with friends. We are a talented group of bakers + cooks + mixologists  (it appears!) + I cannot wait for our September meeting. 

P.S. In case you couldn't make it or are participating from afar: I still would love to hear your comments on #GIRLBOSS. Please add in the box below.  Until next time (& The Cuckoo's Calling)!