My friends are starting to get married. Isn't that fun?! It started off with just a few acquaintances. I'd see it in my newsfeed, stalk the pictures on Facebook, throw a "like" here & there, but now I'm actually getting invited to the weddings... & the bridal showers.

I've been to a few showers before, but always for my cousins. So for you"my friends are getting married & I don't know how to do Bridal Showers alone"  newbies like me, I thought I'd write down a few steps for the Bridal Shower... just in case you need them :D

1.The RSVP: Don't forget to RSVP. I almost did. That would just be rude.

2. Shopping: Usually I follow my mom, sister, or cool coworker (Is there anything Katie Hayden can't do?) around the store like a lost puppy while they expertly maneuver through aisles & registries. Sometimes, I even let them do the shopping alone & throw in my monetary share later. But good news! I have seen the other side! & it's not that scary :D  My friend was registered at Pottery Barn, which, lucky for me, is right across from J.Crew & Madewell at Kenwood Mall (hellllllo, new white cotton pants). I just asked for her registry at the checkout counter, wandered around aimlessly until a nice lady nametagged Marion offered to help me, & Voila! The rest is antique silver salt & pepper shakers + pewter napkin ring  history!

3. Wrapping: Like most things in my life, I waited til the last minute for this. But if my many cousins' showers & weddings taught me one thing, it's to never underestimate the power of cellophane. It's a little known fact that everything looks better when you can sneak a peek through polka-dots.

4. The Card: I totally forgot the card. BUT I did have these amazing golden clothespins. Perfect. They remind me of the bride (sparkly & fun!) & also dressed up the fact that I forgot a card. Note: even if you don't think you have a reason to own golden clothespins, invest.

5. The Bow-quet: Of course you can never forget the Bridal Shower Bow-Quet. (The bride uses this at her Rehearsal in place of real flowers). (Here's a tutorial in case you don't know what I'm talking about.) You'll want to include ribbons or some unique feature to your gift wrapping that will make a fun little flair on the bow-quet. Like golden clothes pins.

6. Arrival: Voila. Drop that gift off at the door & grab yourself a mimosa. You deserve it.