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Ida Street Archives


Annie Heath

Hi everyone! I mentioned over the weekend that I was heading to my first Kentucky Derby. It was an absolute blast. But, I did make a few rookie mistakes that I wanted to get down here for all of you:

First of all, it's called Derby. THE Derby is the race. The amazing festival in a parking lot with a million young people & delicious drinks that happens from sunup to sundown... thats Derby.

Next: there is an amazing festival in a parking lot with a million young people & delicious drinks that happens from sunup to sundown. It's so much fun. Everyone is friendly. There's cutoff shorts, rolled up searsucker, men in sport coats, women in crazy hats, vineyard vines, crop tops, sandals, heels, & swag juice.

Head into the infield with your friends & hold on to them! You have to go through this tunnel, & there's a lot of people. Like a lot. 

Bring hand sanitizer. Trust me on that one. DO get a mint julep. It's the official drink of Derby. & while apparently they cost $1,000 in Millionaire Row... down in the infield they're only about $13 :D

Bring a lot of cash. More than you think you'll need. The ATM line will always take you an hour. (But you can make a lot of friends while you're there!)

Sunscreen. I have a red hot burn on the back of my knees to prove you need it. 

Maybe do a little research before you place your $2 bet... also, double check that its for the right race...

We actually never even saw a single horse... but its okay! There are huge screens everywhere that show you every intoxicating second of the two minute race.

Fashion: there are hats. SO MANY HATS! I wore mine with a crop top & jean shorts. But no matter what you wear, you'll fit in. 

Lastly, be happy that you get to spend a day with your best friends. Relive your glory days & love every second of it. CincinNatalie organized the whole thing for our group. She has a recap for you too.

Long Live Derby.