fivecents pie.

megan pacitti and i are "power walkers." and on the weekend before i left for break, she wanted to make a pie. she brought eleven dollars on our walk. at check out we realized that it was not quite enough. we exchanged the name brand evaporated milk for kroger brand which brought us to $10.95. with tax? $11.05.

what are two girls to do?? i told her that surely i would find a nickel in the parking lot. i searched and searched. to no avail! i checked all the candy machines. no such luck! i came back empty handed and as we were about to leave.. megan chanced our last ray of hope. an exchange student was checking out next to us. we asked for a nickel. "im sorry, i dont have any cash." megan turned around, sorely disappointed. "wait.. is this one?" the girl had pulled two nickels from her purse. and in hesitant english saved our pie.