extra, extra.. read all about it.

photo courtesy of  kraft food recipes. 

photo courtesy of kraft food recipes. 

as you all know, im a stress baker. and im stressed. so this is what im making today- a pumpkin spider web cheescake. but tierney and i are on a get-skinny kick. SO this finished product is going out to one of my lucky followers.

the only rules are- 1. you must be following my blog (just click - join this site- under followers- then sign in with an account! hint- miami students, our miami email works as a google address) 2. comment on this post with your halloween costume.

and thats it! i will hand deliver to my favorite costumed follower. im off to get ingredients right now. i cant promise that it will look as great as this picture- but it might! let the games begin.

update: its out of the oven and in the fridge for five hours! keep the posts coming!! this cake is looking good!