the desert boot

in 1950 quakers Cyrus and James Clark introduced their ever popular and economical desert boot.

the boot was perfect. wildly successful. cute. comfortable. durable. dressy. yet casual. sturdy. and (since it was the fifties) overall swell.

though the boot has had its dedicated wear-ers through the half century, it did experience a brief reprieve from the fashion industry.

but no longer.

the desert boot has begun its acension back to the top. i have spotted them over the years on men but more invigorating to me is the handful of twenty-something, desert-boot-wearing ladies ive glimpsed on walks through the city.

i became a small link of the desert boot chain at christmas. and have since become self proclaimed president of the (so far party of one) miami university chapter fan club.

i'd have taken a better picture (perhaps without the spotted carpet of the grand opera's offices) but this post was un-planned.

the desert boot would not have survived sixty one years without becoming perfect.

so dare to fall in love. (and for each of you who hide your smile and stifle your laughter, their are three others who share my happy thoughts. my feet have never been so happy)