Curate Your Style

People are so inspiring. That's why I do the lessons from a dreamer segment. I love to learn from my peers. Ask their advice. Understand their success. See their drive. 

& though I haven't made it to her yet, Courtney PeGan at Curate Boutique is a perfect candidate for the series. From what I've learned (partially from my blogging partner in crime, CincinNatalie), Courtney left her corporate job to open what we know as the quaint, lovely & ever so stylish Curate Boutique. 

& today we get to celebrate Curate's anniversary! I'm heading over as soon as the work day is over to celebrate with champagne & a sale. My favorite kind of party ;D

I'll see you tonight!!!!!!!

& in the meantime, a little trip down memory lane, featuring my fave Curate finds : 
(all the photos are links!)