Coffee Straight Up.jpg

It's the casual Friday before Valentine's Day & I have one more outfit inspo for you.  Spend the weekend repping your one true love. (Coffee) (In case that was unclear.)

Coffee Straight Up.jpg
Coffee straight up.jpg

Do you remember when I found this shirt a few weeks ago? It's Banana Republic & I was completely in love. I stalled for weeks but with a hunch that this perfect tee was soon going to be out of stock, I splurged. Full price. That's unheard of in my books. I couldn't help it.

My love affair with coffee runs deep. It's the original tall dark & handsome in my life (I wish I could say I made up that witty line, but I stole it from a shirt linked below). If you've ever been on the receiving end of my face before 9am you know it best be with  with an extra large coffee in my hand. 

Coffee straight up.jpg

I'm sad to say that you can't all run out & buy this shirt because my hunch was well placed. This shirt is out of stock. Maybe if we all write passionate letters to Banana about why we need this to change, they will oblige. Or.. you can check out my links below to find a similar graphic tee that might satisfy your coffee-loving needs. Until then, wishing you all the BEST Valentine's day. I hope you eat donuts, drink coffee & celebrate love from every facet of your life. I'm actually in St. Louis for the weekend to celebrate another holiday, but more on that later ;D 


buckled booties.jpg

Shirt: Banana Republic (sold out) (similar) (similar) (similar)
Pants: Curate Boutique (sold out) (similar)
Cardigan: Open Sweater via American Eagle (sold out) (similar)
Booties: Franco Sarto via Nordstrom Rack
Photography: Jacob Heath