Tayler + Garun: a real DIY wedding

Boho Green Bridesmaids Bouquets

Photos: Folk + Follow // Planning: A.M. Events // Florals: Ida Blooms DIY // Venue: The Land

Tayler and her bridesmaids chose to build their own bouquets. Together, we decided on a wild, boho vision. Then I sourced the material, created a custom recipe card and packet, and had it prepared for pick up the day before Tayler’s wedding.

On the big day, before getting ready, Tayler and her friends sipped on mimosas and built their totally gorgeous bouquets on the deck of the bridal suite.

Boho DIY Bridal Bouquet
Boho DIY Bouquets
Boho DIY Bouquets
Boho DIY Bouquets

Sarah & Pat: a real full-service wedding

Ida Blooms Wedding Florist

Photos: Azar Photography // Florals: Ida Blooms // Ceremony: Xavier University's Bellarmine Chapel // Reception: The Grand Ballroom



Sarah and Pat got married on May 5th, 2018 – two days after I quit my corporate product marketing job to pursue Ida Blooms full time. In fact, these dear souls were my first wedding gig.

Ida Blooms Wedding

Months prior to that day, when we first began discussions around the floral plan, Sarah said she wanted something "romantic, traditional, and garden-y"..... but definitely not "southern or rustic."

With that in mind, we kept the palette mostly white with roses, hydrangea, spray roses, hypericum berry, ranunculus, and some assorted greens, and filler. We did decide, however, to work in special pops of a dreamy muted blush.

Ida Blooms Wedding Florist
Ida Blooms Wedding Florist
153237_Sarah & Patrick_v1_current.jpg

Not wanting a corsage to get in the way of dancing, Sarah elected to have her mother and mother-in-law carry very elegant, minimal bouquets down the aisle. 

Her bridesmaids held with lovely, white hand-ties, dramatic seeded eucalyptus spilling off the sides.

Sarah's bridal bouquet consisted of both the florals her mother(s) held, and those her bridesmaids carried, with the addition of a dreamy rose quicksand. Though subtle, the muted blush color distinguished her bouquet wonderfully.

Ida Blooms Wedding Florist
Ida Blooms Wedding Florist

Pat, a no-nonsense groom, requested simple boutonnieres for his boys. They featured seeded eucalyptus, buds of spray rose, and hypericum berries wrapped in green floral tape.

Ida Blooms Wedding Florist
Ida blooms wedding florist

At the reception, we made Sarah's vision come to life with nineteen tables adorned in simple, modern centerpieces – crazy curly willow branches stealing the show. Bridesmaids re-purposed their bouquets at the head table, and a beautiful cake brought the floral story full circle, featuring buds from nearly every stem on our order.

Ida Blooms Wedding Florist
181754_Sarah & Patrick_v1_current.jpg

It was such a true honor to be part of Pat and Sarah's amazing day. Honestly, I can't imagine a better way to enter into the wedding business!

Witnessing their love shine so brightly through a rainy, spring day is something I truly will never forget.

Ida Blooms Wedding Florist
Ida Blooms Wedding Florist
Ida Blooms Wedding Florist


The Lonely Bouquet SF

Lonely Bouquet SF
Lonely Bouquet SF

Photos: Jodee Debes Photography // Florals: Ida Blooms // Custom paper goods: Kendra from Creatures of // Naturally-dyed silk ribbon (eucalyptus and avocado): LVR Naturals



This is a story about love, strangers, and bad ass female creatives in San Francisco.

Lonely Bouquet SF

Once upon a time, before Ida Blooms was a real live company, I was your typical millennial-instagram-scroller obsessed with flowers. One day, as I worked my way through a beautiful feed of pretty blooms, I stumbled upon The Lonely Bouquet. 

You see, back in my hometown in the midwest, there is a very talented floral designer named Eve. One day, over social media, I watched her drop several beautiful hand-tied bouquets around Cincinnati. Her only intent was for strangers to find her arrangements, and, hopefully, make them smile.

The idea spoke to my soul. I investigated more and soon enough found out The Lonely Bouquet is an international project meant to spread love and joy through flowers. Here's the gist: with a signature "take me" or "adopt me" card, you leave a bouquet somewhere for an unsuspecting stranger to findThe stranger might take it. They might leave it. They might pass it on to a friend. Somehow, though, your lonely bouquet will find it's way to a happy home. 

It's an urban fairy tale. 

Lonely Bouquet SF

Cut to now: it is international lonely bouquet week. Through a collaboration with three creative soul sisters, I finally got to drop my own Lonely Bouquets here, in San Francisco. 

Armed with nine bouquets, Jodee Debes (the photographer) and I hit the foggy streets to spread some love. & guys, we could not have had more fun.

Cruising around SF in my beat up '99 Altima, we made pit stops in Nob Hill, Russian Hill, The Castro, Presidio Heights, The Mission, and Crissy Fields. We dropped our bouquets in the whicker basket of parked vespas, on empty bus seats, & halfway up a classic San Franciscso sidewalk-staircase. There were so many people, and so many places, we wanted to reach. 

Lonely Bouquet SF
Lonely Bouquet SF

As the morning ticked by, and fog started to burn off, we turned our attention to the #lonelybouquetSF hashtag. & the love started rolling right back in.

Our bouquets were being found. & our excitement reached a whole new level.

Lonely Bouquet SF
Lonely Bouquet SF

There are a lot of things happening in our city, country & world that are difficult to witness, and hard to understand...

But not the Lonely Bouquet. The Lonely Bouquet generates joy among strangers. It's as simple as that.

So, whether you found one, or you saw one and left it for another stranger to find, or even if you just read about The Lonely Bouquet today... I hope it brought you as much joy as it brought to us.

&, if you're up for it, I encourage you to pay it forward.

Lonely Bouquet SF
Lonely Bouquet SF


I owe a VERY special thank you to my Lonely Bouquet soul sisters: Jodee Debes who photographed the entire morning & spent four hours shotgun // Kendra Meneghetti who custom made our paper goods // and Virginia Petitte who donated the naturally dyed silk ribbon. As for the lonely bouquets themselves.... those were designed by yours truly, on the plastic folding table my husband and I are currently using in the dining room. 

Ladies, thank you for sharing your talents with me and the city of San Francisco.

Affordable DIY Boutonniere (with flowers from the grocery store!)

Ida Blooms DIY Boutonniere

It's Father's Day Weekend! Every year, I go on the hunt for a unique way to make my dad feel loved. Granted, I live 2,396 miles away from my dad. So, I'm usually limited to a hand-crafted card.

BUT, if I lived closer, you better believe I would make my dad a Father's Day Boutonniere!

Boutonnieres are a very manageable Flower DIY and the easiest way to start flower arranging. Not only is it kid-friendly, but it requires very few stems. So, you get a lot bang for your buck. For example, the $14 of flower supplies I picked up for this DIY at Trader Joe's could have made 20 boutonnieres! But, I just used the extra stems to spruce up my kitchen table ;) 

So, first thing is first. I built a detailed eight minute video tutorial to walk you step-by-step through this process. It will show you eVeRyThiNg you need to know. Access  it for free by signing up for my mailing list here.

Meanwhile, here are the highlights:

You will need

DIY Boutonniere Supplies



  • Green sturdy back like eucalyptus // $5 at Trader Joe's
  • Focal flower like a spray rose // $5 at Trader Joe's 
  • Filler flowers like chamomile // $4 at Trader Joe's 


  • Optional: Ribbon and hot glue

Cut your stems

Ida Blooms DIY Boutonniere

Ok, so we're going to be working with one stem of each of your fillers, focal flowers, and sturdy green back. You really don't need much. Just cut a few little pieces to two inches long and remove any extra leaves from the bottom of the stems. This will help later when we start to wrap the stems together.

In the end, you'll have a little collection like this vvvv.


Arrange your boutonniere


Use your fingers to arrange the boutonniere. We'll start with the sturdy back – in this case, eucalyptus silver dollar. Hold the stems together with two fingers, then add your focal flower – in this case, a spray rose. Lastly, surround the focal flower with filler stems – in this case, that is chamomile and tiny bits of eucalyptus baby blue.

Tape it together


Cut a piece of floral tape, and activate it by gently pulling it taught. Then wrap the stems of your boutonniere. Once your boutonniere is wrapped, snip the stems to the same length.

You can be done here, if you want!


Adorn it


If you want to add ribbon, now's the time! Wrap the ribbon around the stems, right on top of the the floral tape.  Secure the ribbon with a small dot of hot glue on the back of the stems.



That's it! It's so easy! Use two floral pins – like an "x" through the stems – to secure your boutonniere to your dad's lapel. It will make him feel too legit to quit. Guaranteed.

How to host a boho beach picnic

Boho Beach Picnic

One of the things I love most about San Francisco is Ocean Beach, which borders the far west of the city. Just trek four miles from the hustle and bustle and cable cars climbing Nob Hill (where I live) and you'll hit the tranquil, wild, windy Pacific Ocean. 

Obviously, with access to a space so beautiful, I like to host a lot of picnics. Today, I thought I'd share my go-to playbook so you can host your own!

Boho Beach Picnic
Boho Beach Picnic
How to host a Beach Picnic

The Spread

Unless you're the luckiest person in the world, your beach picnic is at least a drive away. That means you'll want to focus on finger foods that don't require extra plates and utensils. Luckily, all of these can be found easily (and cheaply!) at your local grocer. I stopped at Whole Foods on our way to the beach and bought some brie, bread, cold cuts, grapes, and walnuts. I wanted to keep our punch light and refreshing, so once we arrived, I mixed a few cans of grapefruit spiked seltzer (from Costco, highly recommend!) with a jug of Trader Joe's grapefruit juice.

Boho Beach Picnic
Boho Beach Picnic

The Setup

Sand. Gets. Everywhere. So for your beach picnic, you're definitely going to want to layer blankets. Floor pillows add an extra level of comfort for your guests, as well.

Let's face it, the closer food is to your face, the less chance there is for spillage! I made these little picnic tables about a year ago and take them everywhere. If you don't want to make your own table, you can always purchase a "table in a bag," available at retailers like Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn.

Now, turn on some tunes, and wait for your guests! 

Boho Beach Babes
Boho Beach Picnic
Boho beach picnic
Boho Beach Babes

The Crowns

If you can't wear a flower crown to a boho beach picnic, when can you?!? Haha I'm teasing, but, really. Since I'm in the business of petals, I had flower crowns ready for my guests as soon as they arrived.

Flowers have a habit of putting everyone in a happy mood and made our picnic feel extra special. 

Boho Beach Picnic

That's it! It's so easy! So go forth, and picnic! I'm always ready to join ya ;)



This picnic was a collaboration between several badass female entrepreneurs including: Photos by Natalie Folchi of Folchi Creative // Modeling by Andi Teggart of Lucky Collective and Lucky Andi; Ali Mazzotta; Molly Long of Molllified; and Madison Silotti // Florals and Styling by me (eek!), Annie Heath of Ida Blooms.