For the month of September our Book Club book of choice was Robert Galbraith's (JK Rowling's) The Cuckoo's Calling,  a murder mystery.

Guys, it wasn't so good. I don't know if it's because I was expecting Harry Potter quality reading here, or whether it's because I waited until the Sunday before book club to buy the book at O'Hare, or maybe just that it simply was so slow.. but I *confession* didn't even finish it. I felt terrible, until I found out only two people in our entire book club actually finished reading in time (smirk emoji).

Rachel was our host, we all sat around her fireplace with apple cider champagne (recipe coming soon!!), chips & dips, & cakes & muffins & mac n' cheese cups & vegan chocolate moose galore. & we even did spend a few minutes on the book. Here were our thoughts:

Cormoran Strike 
What did you think about Cormoran Stike? He seemed pretty normal to me. There was nothing surprising. Really, there wasn't really anything to him at all. He seemed awfully boring! Maybe things got a little deeper past page 200?

Lulu Landry
Now she was multi-faceted. & I did think that was really cool because she developed entirely through other people's unveilings of her. We only got to know her through Strike's questions. There's some Harry Potter quality writing, Galbraith! Do you think so?

The set up
There are two things I wanted to say about the set up of this book. I thought it was pretty neat the way Galbraith rotated between p.o.v's. One second we would be seeing the world through Strike & the next chapter was Robin. I enjoyed seeing their contrasting views of the same moments.

Which leads me to part two: pretty traditional mystery set up, right? Lone man, young woman side kick. What did you think of Robin? Do you think Galbraith is trying to prep them for a romantic relationship? I really felt like we were getting a ton of hits that it was in the future. What do you think?

Lastly, Galbraith has several books in the works all featuring Strike. Will you read them? I'm going to try to finish this one & then maybeeee I will check them out. Maybe. If there is a sudden pick up in these lsat 200 pages.

Next up: Not That Kind of Girl by (producer of HBO's GIRLS) Lena Dunham. It is absolutely brand new & comes out tomorrow  if you would like to follow along in October!