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Breath and Blooms with Drew Anne Wolfson

Event Title: 
Breath and Blooms

What's Happening: 
Join us for some mid-year Breath and Blooms. First, we will work on the mind and heart, learning helpful tools to mitigate stress and establish self-care routines with Mindfulness, Meditation & Self-Compassion Teacher, Drew Anne Wolfson. Then, after we've freed our minds, we will bring mindfulness to a physical form with DIY flower arranging, guided by Annie Heath of Ida Blooms

We will have light refreshments, of course, and guests will walk away with helpful tools to manage stress and a fresh, DIY-ed floral head wreath.

Thursday, July 25th
5:30 - 7:00 p.m.

The Narrowest Shop in San Francisco
946 Leavenworth St, SF, CA 94109