No hassle, no risk.

Hey, cautious bride! I know you! You want to DIY your wedding florals, but it’s overwhelming, right? You’re afraid you won’t be very good? Well, spoiler: you will. Still, I’m here to ease your worried soul.

Similar to the “hand delivered” package (above!), I’ll do the heavy lifting of calculating your order, placing it, sourcing vases, etc, etc. But, when the time comes to hand deliver your buckets of florals two days before your wedding, I’ll stay!

Flower Parrtttyyyy!

With your flower helpers ready, I’ll arrive with our tools, gloves, style guides, and probably coffee ;) I’ll start with live demos for each floral piece (bouquets, centerpieces, boutonnieres, etc!) and from there, I’ll stay to provide style guidance and tips while you arrange!

When I leave, all your flowers will be ready for the big day.

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