The most powerful part of a flower is it's ability to connect people.

In a really short lifespan, flowers can inspire an entire community. I call it "four points of happiness."

  1. I love flowers and receive so much happiness choosing, processing, and arranging them. That's the first point of joy.
  2. It brings me another round of joy to give you my arrangements, or teach you how to work with flowers – sharing the power of flowers.
  3. There is so much joy in the room when you see your vision fulfilled.
  4. Lastly, the circle is completed wherever your arrangement goes next. Whether its to your guests at a wedding reception, to your clients in a tasting room, to hospital patients and staff the day-after your wedding, or even to a lucky stranger on the street after an Ida Blooms workshop.

I started Ida Blooms to harness all that joy, explore ways it can build community and relationships, and share the power of flowers with everyone I can.