Thanks for visiting! My name is Annie Heath. I'm a 90s dance move enthusiast, a beer lover, and a floral designer. Not so long ago, this page was the entry to my blog, Ida Street.

You see, back in 2014, I was living in my first “on-my-own” apartment on a tree-lined avenue called Ida Street. It was a tiny, 400 square foot studio, and I loved it with all my heart. I explored and learned a lot about myself, my passions, and my capabilities in that little place. In fact, here you can even see one of my first forays into flowers, shot on my iPhone 4 on the studio's kitchen floor.

But then, I moved to the west coast. I started a new phase of my life. I matured. I got married. I began to explore the SF Flower Mart. I commuted... a lot. & slowly, blogging stopped being a priority.

Still, there's something nice about a familar space, don't you think? Ida Street, the apartment, has been a memory for a while... & now, so is the blog. But I decided to re-use the space, the logo, and the mentality. I'm even keeping the archives.

Ida Street taught me a lot, and I hope to carry that mindset of discovery and exploration into my new venture. 

So that's my story. I'm flattered you're interested in my past, and I hope you continue following along with my current adventure.