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Ida Blooms

When I was a kid, I had dreams of growing up to be a professional collage maker. 

Unfortunately, Miami University didn't really offer a field for that. So, I fell into communication and entrepreneurship. Eventually, I made my way to Silicon Valley, specialized in adtech marketing. I had a good life, and a decent salary, but I felt very unfulfilled.  

So, I took matters into my own hands. I left corporate America, and started chasing a crazy dream: Ida Blooms.

My name is Annie Heath. (That's me, in the pic! Hi!) I'm the owner and founder of Ida Blooms, a floral design studio based in San Francisco, California.

I started Ida Blooms because I love flowers. I always have. I love the way flowers spread joy, wherever they go. I love how flowers connect people. I love finding the perfect spot, in a unique arrangement, for the prettiest little bloom. In a way, I think I did grow up to be a professional collage maker. I just use flowers as my medium. I love that, too.

Through Ida Blooms, I do offer full service floral design (for weddings and parties, and such), but my biggest passion is teaching. I want to empower you to communicate and build relationships through flowers. I want to break down the elite mystique that surrounds florals, and open your eyes to their accessibility. 

Basically, I want you to leave every single interaction with Ida Blooms  feeling my love, and filled with the joy of flowers.

It's a tall order, so we better get started. xo