First off, congrats! You're getting married!! I'm really excited for you. 

& I bet I can guess why you're here... You want to DIY your wedding florals to save money. 

I can help.

In early 2017, I was in your shoes – blowing through my wedding budget with tent rentals, room blocks, and alcohol orders that all exceeded my plans. I had to get creative to stay on track.

All the blog posts and forums I turned to suggested “DIY wholesale flowers” as a big way to save. I was excited to try, but I had one big problem: I didn't even know where to start.

I learned, though. & then I kept learning. In fact, the wedding got me hooked! Since then, flowers have become my life. Today, I am a floral designer, and I can confidently say: you can DIY your wedding flowers and I can help you get there. 

I've built a series of DIY wedding support packages to eliminate the uncertainties about your DIY Wedding. I’ll do all the hard work behind your theme, timing, quantities, and order fulfillment so all you have to do is arrange! Think of it like Blue Apron… for your wedding florals.

No hassle DIY.

When it comes to flowers, DIY-ing your wedding arrangements can be a really rewarding experience for you and your girlfriends/cousins/sisters/bridesmaids.

But, there are a lot of questions to answer, too. How long does it take? When should you buy the flowers? Where can you order them? How many do you need? What's even in season? What day should you schedule the delivery? How do you make a boutonniere? What kind of tools do you need?

You don’t need to deal with those pesky logistics! Let me.

We will start out with a “get to know you call,” where I’ll ask you all kinds of questions about your wedding vision and flower needs. Then, I’ll write up a proposal to share.

Once we decide to work together, we will finalize your floral needs (How many boutonnieres?!) and I’ll place your order. Leading up to your wedding, I’ll provide video tutorials, advice, and anything else you need (even if it’s just a vent sesh!). Then, two days before your wedding, you’ll come to my studio to pick up your entire flower order, a set of tools, ribbons, and a recipe card for each floral component we agreed on. You’ll take it from there!

Interested? Fill out this short inquiry form to get started.

No hassle, no risk.

Hey, cautious bride! I know you! You want to DIY your wedding florals, but it’s overwhelming, right? You’re afraid you won’t be very good? Well, spoiler: you will. Still, I’m here to ease your worried soul.

Similar to the “hand delivered” package (above!), I’ll do the heavy lifting of calculating your order, placing it, sourcing vases, etc, etc. But, when the time comes to pick up your buckets of florals two days before your wedding, you’ll stay!

Flower Parrtttyyyy!

With your flower helpers in tow, you’ll come to my Nob Hill Studio so we can fulfill your order together. I’ll start with live demos for each floral piece (bouquets, centerpieces, boutonnieres, etc!) and from there, provide style guidance and tips while you arrange!

When you leave, you’ll have all the flowers ready for your big day.

Interested? Fill out this short inquiry form to get started.

Not convinced you can do it all DIY? I'll handle the big stuff. 

There's a lot going on wedding week. It's very possible you might not have time to arrange 30 table arrangements before the Rehearsal Dinner. But, hey, 12 boutonnieres? Easy! 

That's exactly why mix and match is my most popular package. 

Leading up to your wedding, we will plan a few hours of DIY consultations to discuss your vision, make a flower plan, decide what you can manage to DIY, and practice it! But, come wedding week, I'll arrange the big items on your list for you (think installs, bridal bouquets, etc.).

It's part floral design service, and part DIY. But it starts the same way – fill out this short inquiry form to get started.