Best Friends.

I have a lot of very dear friends. And I have a lot of best friends.

Best friends are such a wonderful thing. They put up with you at your worst and love you at  your best. With one, I have gone down in history as the best rendition of Michael Jackson's "The way you make me feel" that Tostados has ever seen. With one, I have laid on the floor of a dorm room dying from too much fro-yo. With one, I have walked literally a thousand miles. (Okay, so maybe not literally- but that girl DOES have me on the move!) And with so many more, I have laughed, smiled, sang, joked, shared, loved and cried too much to share.

Best friends are like additional sisters. You can never stay mad, because within the hour you will have something too important to discuss (like shoes).

We are lucky to have them. They lift up our spirits and lend shoulders- and clothes. In three weeks I will walk across a platform in a red cap and red gown. I will close the door at Miami and open a new one to the rest of my life.

With best friends by my side, I know that the new journey will not only be great, but magical.