Born a Butler.

We got wood floors in the upstairs bedrooms. So when I came home for spring break- the daunting task at hand was to deep clean my new bedroom. I found lots of neat stuff: my highschool box consisted of yearbooks, a senior address, a beanie (you mustve gone to Saint Ursula if you know what that is), and AP flash cards. My old planners were lodged into a box of long sleeve tshirts (I knew I had more of those!) I have reintroduced old purses into my wardrobe and found a lot of spare change. Then (and I have no idea where this came from) I found a box of pictures- which lead me to these. Now I know many of you had great childhoods- but I argue that mine was one of the best. I had four best friends born into my family. We held american girl doll derby races on the neighbor's driveway. My mother taught us cartwheels in the front yard. We caught fireflies in the back. My friend Allison and I found a REAL LIFE DINOSAUR EGG (they didn't have the heart to tell us it was a rock). My dad took off our training wheels in the magic circle (magic because it didn't hurt when you fell- I stopped believing this when the circle claimed my two front teeth). Once a year we visited my grandparents in SC- we tubed, knee boarded and front flipped off the boat (not even stopping when you hit your head on the side). It was perfect.

Sometimes I forget how very luck I am to have been born a Butler.