The Sketchbook Project

For Christmas, my mother and father gave me a lovely gift. The gift of encouragement. This particular form of encouragement came in the form of a project.

The Sketchbook Project- Limited Edition, is a project sponsored by Art House Co-op. Anyone who was of the mind to sign up could chose a theme and apply for a sketchbook. Then Art House Co-op sent a blank one back to you. We were instructed to fill it up and send it back by April 30th. My sketchbook, and every other sketchbook, will be on display at the Brooklyn Art Museum beginning July of 2012. At least one entry from each will be published in a hardcover book.

It is an inspiring idea, and about time that I spoke of it on Magical Simplicity. Sketching has turned out to be a favorite pastime of mine. Truly magical to create something from a blank page.

Anyway my theme is "character sketchbook." If you're interested in sharing my journey- I shall be posting some of them here.