Character Sketch #2 - Rachel McAdams

I always leave the first page of a new journal blank. I think it's because I intend to come back, write a summary, or draw something beautiful- and this time I am determined to find the perfect character for my sketch #1.

Anyway, since I skipped page one- Rachel McAdams is technically Character Sketch #2 for the (Art House Co-op) Sketchbook Project.

I have always loved Rachel. I cut my hair over the summer to match her short curly bob. I think she is stunning, fun, and so beautiful. I see every movie that she acts in. (Like your typical helpless romantic) The Notebook is my all-time favorite. Trying to catch this very alive  person- via pencil-  was a challenge.

Her nose especially caused me some trouble. But I had to include her in a character sketchbook. I couldn't still call myself a fan if I didn't try!