Flashback to about this time in 2008. People still called me Little Annie Butler & I had just been randomly paired with a roommate for my first year of college at Miami University. She was an Indian girl named (& this is really how I thought it might be pronounced) Anne-JOL-eeee koh-TAG(like the game)-al.

Fast forward six years & I know that's not at all how you say her name, but also, I know I can't imagine any part of my life without her. This past weekend we asked my mom to come down to our house in Columbia Tusculum to document... well, us. Today is our last day as roommates.

Skirt: Ann Taylor
ShirtAnn Taylor
Shoes: Dolce Vita via Nordstrom Rack
Fedora: Borrowed from Anj 
Leopard Bow Clip via TJMaxx

(p.s. I call this move the shopping cart.)(p.p.s. It doubles as my gangsta' dance.) (They see me rollin', they hatin'...)

Dress: Madewell 
Sandals: Target
Fedora (pictured here): (old) / Free Bird Fedora (pictured other places)/Borrowed from Anne via Nordstrom Rack.

It's definitely going to be weird. Anj just graduated with her Speech Pathology Masters from the University of Cincinnati & is moving to Hyde Park. But before we knew she was staying in Cincy, I signed the lease at my studio in Mt. Adams.

Yet, somehow through our incredible six years of growing up together [my first beer, the start of her serious relationship with (my now favorite) Dave, our many late nights studying/laughing/crying/jamming out to Hootie & the Blowfish (me) & Taylor Swift (her), etc, et. al.] I've come to realize that true friendships outlast the house you live in. In fact, they outlast everything.

We got a few honks while taking these pics. I think, because it looked like we were in the midst of an engagement shoot (The bride! En blanc. Groom: black.) (I totally see it). Though not quite on point, it was a photo shoot celebrating a different kind of eternal love, of the #Roomiez4Lyfe variety.

Raise a glass (or a fedora!) to our impossibly entwined lives. & go hug your best friend.. because if you have someone like this in your life, you'll want to hang on to them forever.

P.S. Moments after meeting, our moms made us pose for a picture in front of a tree by our dorm (hollla 131 Dodds Hall!). The result was so awkward & hilarious that we decided to continue the tradition.... forever. Take a quick second to be entertained by the below :D

Photography: Jackie Butler