I didn't tell you all, but I moved! In May of 2013 (back when Magical Simplicity was under repair), my roommates and I moved from the house on Tusculum to a house just around the corner... & up one extremely steep, steep hill.

You may know Columbia Tusculum is the oldest neighborhood in Cincinnati. What you may not know is that it's also one of the highest. This winter was one major challenge for my little civic. I've showed you one of my favorite corners  of the house already. But my roomies have just finished their grad program at UC (hizzah!) & our future is yet again unclear. So I thought I better show off the rest of our little house - in case I'm running out of time!

Welcome to our home!

There is a kitchen & living room, obv.. but I don't spend as much time in those.. (one of these days!) What I love most about this place is the back deck. It's perfect for bonfires & picnics. & those woods belong to the beautiful Alms Park. Yes, sometimes we get stray hikers. & a ton of deer.

I live in the attic, lovingly referred to as the cocoon.  I'd say the ceiling hits 6 ft at its highest, & slopes to two feet at its lowest. It's perfectly Annie-Sized.

Best part? I have a bathroom. & the shower head comes straight out of the ceiling. Also, there is a skylight above the toilet. So that's fun.

I had to do a lot of thrifting to get furniture up here that fit - like a floor desk (how amazing is that butcher block? I rested it upon an old cupboard from my mom's basement, final height: perfect for crossed legs). 

& the dresser, tucked away at a vintage furniture store in Loveland. Just waiting for me.

We've loved every second in this house & in our first Painted Lady, too. I don't think we could have even imagined a better neighborhood to ease into adult life. Columbia Tusculum: you will always, always  hold a place in my heart.