So where do I begin? I think probably with hello, darlings. Welcome back to Magical Simplicity. & really that’s a welcome for me as much as it is for you. I’ve been away.

When I graduated from Miami University in 2012,  my world turned all the way around- like twenty times. I needed to do a lot of growing up, really fast. & guys – it was really hard. But more on that another day. Today, we are celebrating. Today is special. Today  is Magical Simplicity’s third birthday.

& that is a big deal. I’m coming home.

I’ve finally made a little bit of sense about this growing up business. & now that I have, it’s really important to me to come back here. Here: my tiny little corner of the web where you are.

& I have really exciting news! I’ve taken a long, deep look at Magical Simplicity & found its core. Magic. Magic happens every day. It masquerades as tiny little moments. & you know what? Those moments seem pretty simple as they pass us by. It’s a butterfly outside your window. It’s your hometown (Holla at me Cincinnati, O-H!). It’s smiling with your best friend over a hot cup o’ joe. Magical Simplicity, at its core, is life. 

I’ve been planning & prepping & pouring myself into a refreshed place for us to stay. It’s going to be stock full of LIFE, guys. The good stuff. The real stuff. The fun stuff. The magic.

I’m so excited. 

Happy birthday, Magical Simplicity. Let’s go adventure. 

Photog by my ever-loving mother: Jackie Butler